T8 Dali Dimmable LED T8 Tube

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Product Description

CE and ROHS for DALI Dimmerable LED tube


Description for DALI dimmable LED T8 Tube:


Ervan LED Tube, unique design creates a perfectly visual appearance. The rotating end cap makes it easy to focus the lighting precisely. Ervan L05G-ZT LED Tube long lifetime and low lumen depreciation reducing the maintenance costs due to Ervan L05G-ZT LED Tube slim aluminum form, optical and driver integrated.


Advantages for DALI dimmable LED T8 Tube:


LED tube 1-10V dimmable with external driver

Patented 180Deg rotating end cap design for the best lighting result

Aluminum PCB better heat dissipation than FR4

Single end power anti electric shock ensures safety

3 years warranty













Dimension for DALI dimmable LED T8 Tube:

Length(ft) Length(mm) Dimension(mm) Base
2ft 588mm 26mm G13


894mm 26mm G13


1198mm 26mm G13
5ft 1498mm 26mm G13



Power 11W 17W 20W 24W 30W
Length 600mm 900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1500mm
LED chips 108 168 216 240 336
Lumen output 1265 lm 1955 lm 2300 lm 2760 lm 3450 lm
CCT 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K 7000K
Efficacy 105lm/w ~ 115lm/w
CRI ≥80
Light Source SMD 3528 (LED)
lamp holder T8 G13



Specifications for DALI  LED T8 Tube :

1. Electrical Specifications:

L05G-DA / 11W / 26*600MM / 108PCS / 1155lm±10%

L05G-DA/ 17W / 26*900MM / 168PCS / 1785lm±10%

L05G-DA / 20W / 26*1200MM / 216PCS / 2100lm±10%

L05G-DA / 24W / 26*1500MM / 247PCS / 2520lm±10%
L05G-DA /30W / 26 * 1800MM / 338PCS / 3150lm±10%

Operation Temperature:

-20°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature:

-40° to 85°





Power Factor:


Power supply Efficiency:



  2. Photometric Specifications:

LED Luminous Efficiency:

Up to 115lm/w


Ra: >80


Warm White 3000k

daylight white 4000k

pure white 5500k

cold white 6500k

3. Mechanical Specifications:

Beam Angle: 120° 

Light-emitting surface: 230°

Isolated power supply    

Latest lockable rotating end cap  

Europe safety wired

Frosted or clear cover available on request

Weight: 588MM/210g, 1198mm/368.2g, 1498mm/443.8g

Can be placed in conventional T8 or T10 fluorescent brackets and replace fluorescent tubes 


IES for 11W LED T8 Tube for reference: 










Application for LED T8 Tube:


Office, Supermarket, Hotel, Exhibition hall Etc;


Tunnel, MTR station, Train station, Bus station, Airport Etc;


Factory, Warehouse Etc;


Matters needing attention: 


*** Before installing the lighting fixtures, please read this instruction manual carefully.

*** The lighting fixtures should be installed, connected and tested by a certified installer based

on the local regulations.

*** Lamps should always be installed or replaced with care.

*** Please check local voltage in accordance with the product requirements before using the


*** Relamping only can be done when the power is off and the lamp is completely cooled down.

*** When a lamp is to be cleaned, make the power off and let it cool down completely.Clean the

fixture with a soft cloth and a standard PH neutral detergent. Stainless steel finishing should

be maintained regularly.

*** Misuse of, or changes to the fixture shall nullify the guarantee.

*** Don’t cover the fixtures with flammable materials.

*** Exclusively replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent or the similar qualified person

in order to avoid a hazard.


Service and After Sale:

*** Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hrs;

*** Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your inquires;

*** 5 years warranty for the led T8 tube;

*** After-sale tracking service for any our client;

*** Payment :By T/T;L/C; Western Union etc;

*** Delivery time: 10-15 days for sample,20-25 days for bulk order usually;

*** Delivery way: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS etc; 



FAQs for LED T8 Tube:

  • Why do LED lights use such little power?

    LED lights (T8 LED tubeT10 LED tubes) donot use a filament where a conductor is heated and light is created. Filament based lighting consumes more power than the light produced. LED lights produce very little amounts of heat and do not use filaments making them far more efficient in consumption and output.

  • Are LED tubes affected by extreme conditions?

    LED tubes are geared for harsh environments. LED tubes function from -20℃ to 45℃. There is no delay or required "warm up time" for LED tubes to function.

  • Can I specify a future delivery date?

    yes, you can specify a future delivery date. Please contact us.

  • Do LED tubes attract insects?

    No they do not. Insects see entirely different spectrums of light and are attracted to ultraviolet light. A side note - flowers create "nectar guides", invisible to the human eye and ultraviolet light attracts insects to flowers for reproductive purposes. This is not to say that all bugs aren't attracted to LED lights, but most can't see the light that LEDs produce.


  • How long do LED tubes last?

    LED tubes are rated by manufacturers to operate under normal conditions for approximately 5 years or 50,000 hours of continuous use. As LEDs get older, they tend to dim and fade but aren't susceptible to blinking like incandescent or fluorescents.


Thank you for your time and welcome your inquiry!

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